Five Reasons to Study Chemistry


Many students who enter college are skeptical of studying courses unrelated to their major.They have decided on a specific track and do not want to get distracted.
But even students who are interested in economics or other humanities could do with taking some science courses.And chemistry is up there as one of the most important courses in college.
Here are five reasons why studying chemistry in college, even if it is only a couple of courses, is a good idea.

1. Understanding the World

Chemistry is the study of matter, energy and how they interact. Everything that happens in the world is because of chemistry. When ground coffee is exposed to hot water, a chemical reaction takes place to produce the beverage that many people love to drink.

Why are the leaves changing in different seasons? How come plants are green? Why do some foods spoil quicker than others? These are the types of questions that chemistry looks to answer. And by taking the course, students can be more informed about the answers.

2. Making Informed Decisions

Chemistry plays a crucial role in so many of the things we do every day. When someone is reading a product label, they will quickly recognize the names of chemicals they learned about in class.

If a product is claiming to do something that is not chemically possible, a savvy buyer will know to avoid that product. But if that person has never taken a chemistry course, they would lack the understanding to reach that conclusion.

3. Stay Safe

Besides making choices about food and other products, chemistry can also keep people safe. When mixing household chemicals or exposing oneself to certain liquids, gases or solids, chemical reactions must be considered. How will one substance react with the other? Is the resulting mixture safe or dangerous? Knowing basic chemistry can save a lot of people down the line, when they are involved in such situations.

4. Preparation for Tough Courses

Ask college sophomores and juniors about their toughest courses during freshman year. Most of them will talk about chemistry and other science courses. Chemistry is an excellent preparation for the rigors of latter-year college courses. It will challenge students in ways their other first-year courses may not.
Students who can get through organic and/or inorganic chemistry with a good grade are ready for their next few years. They have the skills, dedication and time management skills needed to do very well in college.

5. Develop Analytical Skills

Chemistry involves a lot of analysis, objectivity and problem solving. These are skills that may be applicable to any field. While many students may not foresee themselves performing chemical reactions in their career, solving complex problems and objectively analyzing situations are likely in any field.

Not only is chemistry a very relevant subject that every student should consider taking, it is also extremely helpful in shaping students for the next few years of college. It is one of those “must take” courses that every student should fit into their freshman schedule.

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