The Benefits of a Degree in Chemistry


When you think of chemistry, you might think of boring classes where equations and numbers and drawings reign supreme. After a year of high school chemistry classes, many students would qualm at taking the course as a major.

However, chemistry is everywhere in our lives, from food, the environment, clothing, and even the air. By using chemistry; medicines, genetically modified food, and other products can be created to benefit the entire world and solve problems plaguing humankind.

A large understanding

To effectively cover chemistry, an understanding of biology, math, physics, and the science of Earth is required, and understanding how the chemical elements will affect the earth is one of the important things to understand when dealing with gene modification.

After all, you really can’t run around mixing chemicals and then inserting them into a stable environment without a very strong idea of what could happen, otherwise, major problems can occur in the ecosystems that all have major consequences for the living organisms within it.

The massive understanding that chemistry requires means that it is a springboard for any number of careers in the environmental, math, physics, and biological fields. A chemist is a jack of all trades type person, who can easily transfer the understanding to any number of jobs.

What will you do?

Okay, so the benefits are all well and good, but what will you as a student be doing as a chemist? Well, chemists will be able to understand the problems that plague our world by looking into the world’s building blocks.

What does the water in a certain town contain? How much protein is in this slab of meat? What can we use to build an antibiotic to defeat this virus? What minerals are in this meteorite? Chemists and their teams answer these questions every single day, as well as able to answer why things are the way they are.

Children often ask what makes the leaves change, or what makes a car go, or why rain falls. Chemists can always answer those questions and have a detailed understanding of the world around us.

The changing workforce

With the workforce projected to become more and more of a ‘gig-economy’ in the future, it’s important for students to understand how to do multiple jobs in order to keep themselves in demand for various clients, and chemists can do that. A chemistry degree can get chemists into the rapidly changing market of science because they understand why something works or doesn’t.

The skills needed for this changing world are adaptability and the desire to keep learning even after school ends, and chemists have the perfect springboard for that. With the plethora of jobs available, you’ll be able to find some sort of chemist job that you can get behind and hold onto in the changing job world.

Chemists not only have the major advantage of finding out how the world is built, down to its atoms and basic components but also have the ability to remain relevant in the world and apply their knowledge to every single aspect of the world. There aren’t many other jobs that let you do that.